Soulicious Living Retreat

Yoga • Wellness • Vegan


Spring, a time for renewal, growth and expansion, a perfect time to take action, re-energize and revitalize the body, mind, heart and soul.    As the season changes from winter into spring, the air changes, the flowers blossom and life comes alive again.   We become active and more energized and motivated to take action.   Spring is a great time to set intentions, create new health goals and envision endless possibilities for ourselves,  to tap into our creative gifts to reach new levels of self-love, wellness and happiness.  Also a great time to let go of the old, make room for the new, refresh, reflect and renew.


for a….

Set yourself free to discover YOU.   Step into a powerful weekend of soul-inspiring conversations, self-reflection, self-love, heart-felt connections and shift your vibration with RAW healthy eating and up-lifting soul-fueling activities and fun.   The weekend will be primarily facilitated by The Happiness Goddess, Happiness & Wellness Coach, Spiritual Mentor & Self-Love Advocate, Vita Rubino.

This Soulicious Living Retreat is meant for you:

  • If you want to reflect & refresh
  • To take time away to relax & unwind
  • If you want to love you again & revitalize the heart & soul
  • If you want to re-energize & re-fuel the body with goodness
  • If you want to live in your heart
  • To find stillness amidst the busyness of life
  • To take time to really nourish & nurture YOU
  • To reclaim your happiness & joy
  • To simply get away and retreat
  • Want to practice yoga & meditate more

Learn to let go of stress and overwhelm and live from the heart instead of the head. Awaken to your heart and to your soul. Feel what it feels like to put YOU first and LOVE YOURSELF again so that you can live from a place that feels good. This weekend is designed to refuel and revitalize your body, mind, heart and soul. And leave feeling empowered and inspired to take action to live healthy and be happy. You will feel aligned back into the FLOW so that you can LIVE a SOULICIOUS & yummy LIFE!

Discover fundamental tips and tools to cultivate self-love, mindfulness and wellness to reclaim your joy to start living your HAPPY!
Give yourself the GIFT to retreat away from the busyness of life, to reconnect to your joy, to feel alive, find your balance, breathe, connect back to your heart and live in the beautiful essence that makes you, YOU.

"It was a beautiful, spiritual experience & very informative and fun"

Enjoy a list of soul-inspired activities such as daily yoga, meditation, soul-igniting workshops such as; writing & journaling, art therapy, wellness, desire map, self love, healing w/ essential oils, etc. Enjoy hiking, silent walks, vegan meals and more. ALL to thought - provoke you into living your very best 'soulicious' life. This relaxing, free-flowing, fun-filled, soul-igniting weekend of reflection and connection will take place in the beautiful serene countryside, minutes outside Orillia, tucked away from day to day life, emerged in nature's majestic beauty. Rejoice in a self-nurturing getaway, complete to recharge your battery, revitalize your spirit, cleanse the body, delight the heart and re-energize the mind.


April 27th - 29th, 2018
Maple Valley Retreat Center • Orillia, Ontario

Get ready to experience…
  •  serene & peaceful, breath-taking grounds with waterfalls
  •  fresh spring air, sounds of birds and nature all around
  • clear starry nights
  • fresh, healthy vegan mouth-watering meals
  • powerful workshops on health/wellness/essential oils /self love & self care/desire map/art therapy/writing/journaling
  • powerful guided meditations to help you reconnect to your heart and cultivate inner peace
  • sunrise yoga & candlelight yoga to relax & rejuvenate body, mind & spirit
  • breakthrough soul-sessions & materials
  • heart to heart soul connections with others
  • new lasting friendships
  • a shift in vibration where you can begin attracting goodness into your life & reclaim your happiness
  • SELF LOVE, soul nourishment & nurturing
  • YOU time connecting with Mother Nature
  • silent / group hikes
  • mindfulness
  • positivity
  • soul-awakening ‘ah-ha’ moments, self –renewal and more…

"The grounds are breath-taking"

I would highly recommend this type of retreat to anyone that needs to connect or reconnect with their inner selves. It's great to be in nature and appreciate it's beauty while also learning or reminding ourselves of our own personal inner beauty. Absolutely great for the soul.

- Gigi Porteous

This is just one of those life - changing events, real growth and joy. The setting and the program and food was all so so SOULICIOUS

- Scottie Eisemann

This retreat was an amazing experience to say the least. I discovered more about myself in three days then I have my entire life. The workshops were thought provoking and directed beautifully by Vita. Being surrounded by nature on the stunning grounds, where the retreat was hosted, was a highlight of the weekend. Between yoga, Groove dance and enlightening conversations ... I was exercised through body and mind. I loved my experience and hope to return for another retreat with Vita soon.

- Laura Campbell

The Weekend will offer individuals an opportunity:

  • To relax, reflect and gain perspective
  • To explore a deeper relationship and understanding of themselves
  • To cultivate more awareness of self, others and life in general
  • To reconnect and realign with your heart
  • To learn necessary tools to start manifesting your desires and live your happiness every day
  • To take steps to start transforming your life
  • To learn tips and tools to start cultivating a practice of self care
  • To learn to LOVE YOURSELF HAPPY and transform your life through the art of Self Love
  • To feel lighter, freer and inspired to take charge of your life
  • To identify your true essence and what makes YOU SPECIAL and UNIQUE
  • To experience new awakenings and gain clarity in heart and mind
  • To feel ALIVE
  • To make heart-felt connections with others
  • To have fun, smile and be your authentic self
  • To take away soul-inspired practical tips and tools to apply post retreat to live your best life

"It was amazing! The program was planned with great care and thoughtfulness and it was obvious"

Teacher · Mentor · Speaker

Join Certified Happiness & Wellness Coach, Spiritual Mentor & Self Love Advocate Vita Rubino for a weekend away including:

  • 2 night accommodations
  • 6  FRESH VEGAN meals & snacks from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch
  • Daily heart-opening yoga & love meditations (3-4 yoga classes/3 meditations/weekend)
  • Daily soul-sessions/workshops with materials on: self love, emotional healing w/ oils, health & wellness, desire map & more
  • Writing/Journaling/Mindfulness Exercises
  • Art Therapy – art work to take home
  • Opening & Closing Sacred Sharing Circles
  • Optional - Bonfire / Inspirational Movie Time
  • Leisure time, hiking and ventures with Mother Nature
  • And so much more….


  • Welcome Gift ($25 + value)
  • FREE Meditation MP3 download will be sent out after retreat ($10 value)
  • 1 – 1:1 45 Minute Sacred Coaching Session ($100 value)

Cost & Lodging Options:

(pricing includes taxes and all vegan food, accommodations and entire program activities)

Bunkie Cabin – Option 1:


Brand New Bunkie on the Waterfalls

Private Bunkie on the Waterfalls

Main area of Bunkie

Double Bed for Private or Shared Accomodations

Waterfalls on the Property

(new building, serene, quiet, off-grid, secluded, out-house, private-cabin on the waterfalls, sleeps 2 – 1 double bed, 5-min walk from main house)

• Single Occupancy - $510 SOLD OUT
• Double/Shared Occupancy - $480 ea SOLD OUT

**Perfect for a couple**

Rustic Cottage Option 2:

Rustic Sugar Shack Cabin

Cabin Main Space

Cabin - Double Bed for Private or Shared Lodging

Cabin - Single Rm Private Lodging

(Quiet, spacious, kitchen, 2pc-bathroom -shower & sink w/ luggable-loo / out-house, private self sustained, clean, quaint & cozy cottage… sleeps 3-5 guests - 1 king bed, 1 single bed and futon, 3-5 min walk to main house)

Single Occupancy - $510 SOLD OUT
• Double/Shared Occupancy - $480 ea
• Group Rate 3 people - $440 ea
• Group Rate 4-5 people - $425 ea

**Perfect for a group of 4-5 friends / family members**

Camping Style Option 3:

(First come first serve - 1 tent allowed on property, bring your own gear - limited to 2 guests)

• 1 Guest - $399
• Additional Guest/Shared tent – 10% off rate for one - $359 for second person



Main House Option 4:

Retreat House

Retreat Mainhouse

Yoga Platform and Beautiful deck at Mainhouse

Mainhouse Living Space

Main Living Space - Floor to Ceiling Windows

Living Space in Mainhouse

Mainhouse King Bed for Private or Shared Lodging

2 Single Beds for Shared Lodging Mainhouse

(Big, spacious, beautiful modern house, 3 bedrooms, full kitchen, shared bathroom facilities, fireplace, family room - where most of the retreat program will happen)

Room 1 - 1 KING Bed (Facilitators Room - unless 3 friends / family members want to share this room & bed)
Room 2 - 1 DOUBLE Bed (2 ppl)
Room 3 - 2 Double Beds (4 ppl potentially /2 / bed - cheaper group rate for 4 ppl in this room

• Single / Private Room Occupancy - $575
• Double / Shared 2 people - Occupancy - $545 ea
• Triple – Group Rate 3 people / room - $510 ea
• Quadruple – Group Rate 4 people / room - $480 ea

**Room Options are on a first come, first paid basis, so to avoid disappointment and book today**

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - 10% on any lodging option NOW until FEB 25th

Payment Plan Option - 10% discount non-applicable - pay ½ NOW and 2nd payment in full by March 31th.

**Prices subject to change - Book now to avoid price increase! **



Limited Space | First come first serve | Payment plans available

Meet Your Chef & Facilitators:

Gillian Purkiss

Raw Chef & Wellness Coach

Gillian Purkiss is an internationally trained culinary arts chef. South African born, she worked as head chef in a major Cape Town Hotel after graduating from the Silwood Kitchens Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts School. She then worked in the kitchens of the Mediterranean. Pausing from professional work to raise a large family with her husband John in Ontario, she returned to study Culinary Raw Foods@ Living Light Culinary Arts institute in Northern California. Having qualified as a Raw Food Chef and Instructor, Gillian also received her health coaching certificate realizing that health coaching would be the very best way she could serve the community with her training. Gillian’s passion is to bring real and lasting healthy lifestyle to all who seek it.

Vita Rubino

The Happiness Goddess

Vita is a Certified Happiness & Wellness Coach, Holistic Natural Practitioner CNHP, a Registered Yoga Teacher RYT, Spiritual Mentor, Self-Love Advocate, Author, Speaker and Retreat Facilitator, of The Happiness Goddess, Happiness and Wellness Coaching.   Her teachings combine practical applications and tools based on the integration of yoga philosophy, positive psychology, happiness & mindfulness studies, self love methodologies and holistic health and wellness all which allow powerful shifts, personal growth, self renewal, spiritual awakenings and transformation and healing for total body, mind and soul.



Limited Space | First come first serve | Payment plans available

"The food was delicious"

"It was effective & powerful"

The Embrace You, Soulicious Retreat put on by the Happiness Goddess, Vita Rubino was an experience I will cherish in my heart for many years to come. It was a time away from the busyness of life to be accepted, supported and uplifted by a group of like minded people and of course The Happiness Goddess who infused the retreat experience with so much loving and healing energy. The feelings of true heartfelt connection was beautiful and moving. It was a safe space for me to release old and damaging beliefs I was carrying about myself and to expand into a more lighthearted way of being. Upon returning back into my every day life from this experience I have felt a fierce motivation for the changes that needed to take place in order for my life to move forward with courage, strength and confidence. This powerful weekend experience grounded me into nature, cleared my mind of chatter and helped me create new healthy mindful habits for my every day life. Thank you Vita Rubino for taking this leap of faith and creating a truly unique and soul inspiring retreat weekend.

- Jessica Connell


**Prices subject to change - Book now to avoid price increase! **

For more information OR to register, please contact • • 705-331-1184