“6 Quick & Simple Ways to Cope with Overwhelm – From FUNK to FUNCTION”

Happiness & Wellness Coaching for Inspired Living

Thank you for finding your way to this page. Note it is by no mistake you've landed here.

I believe everything happens for a reason and in Divine Timing always.

I humbly invite you to review my integrated list of services and openly allow your heart to seek what ever speaks to you with a knowingness that as you begin this inner healing journey, this is exactly where you need to be.

I am here to help, coach, inspire, and create a sacred space for you, where you can feel free to just be, to express, to create, and explore a deeper sense of self.

Through my facilitation, we will begin this healing journey together, through intention, and divine intervention; so that you can begin to live in alignment with your soul purpose, cultivate peace and HAPPINESS with love in all that you do.

Namaste / Om Shanti

Teacher · Mentor · Speaker

Vita is Certified Happiness Coach, and has attended a 5- Day Intense Certification Course with Dr Robert Holden (author of Be Happy, Happiness Now, Shift Happens) from the U.K. She is excited to incorporate this beautiful work into her practice.

Wellness & Happiness Coaching is an exciting part of what Vita offers as part of her repertoire of services. From nutritional to spiritual counseling, spiritual life coaching, to learning about yoga philosophy, and teaching you the tools and fundamentals to help you tap into your own creative and authentic side. Vita facilitates conversation, which allows you to face your obstacles and challenges and will invoke thought, inspire change and lead you to improving your life by creating more balance, abundance, joy and HAPPINESS in all that you do, one session at a time.

She will teach you to Embrace who you are, and live life from a place of love rather than fear. She will guide you through powerful meditations and align you with your soul’s purpose and connect you to the beautiful true essence of who you are ~!

Through Vita’s work she helps to bring about self-awareness and healing to those around her. Her desire, love and true passion for this work bring her great joy, and leave her students and clients feeling empowered with a great sense of inspiration. She simply wants to encourage, facilitate, and lead others to healing themselves, become whole and inspire each person she comes in contact with, to live their best lives. Her passion and zest-for-life attitude is contagious.

Life is here for us to follow our joy and live happy!

"I have began my own spiritual journey over the years, and have committed to my own self healing and growth and continue to look within, to nurture and love myself, to find peace and balance in my life. I have learned regardless of what is happening in life good or bad, it is in those times that you need to “Embrace You” to find better fulfillment, happiness and self healing to overcome sometimes our greatest obstacles. It is possible!
To change our attitudes, cultivate peace within, and create positivity in our day-to-day interactions and thoughts, will in turn affect the world around us. World peace can only be brought about one person at a time." ~ Vita

Happy Clients

Teresa Mazzella

"Vita is kind, sincere and very passionate about her work. She truly cares about the well-being of her clients and always offers authentic support and guidance during her sessions. If you are looking for authentic coaching support to create a foundation of self love, live more inspired, be happy and live well, and have a safe space to share your feelings and ideas then Vita is your girl." Teresa Mazzella ~ Create a Soulful Life

"I reconnected with Vita in the Fall in the hopes that she could help me with life coaching, goal setting and a deeper understanding of spirituality, etc... She has been fantastic - she has helped me answer so many of my own questions already! I feel she is able to read me well and is probably more intuitive than she thinks she is! It is so nice to develop a relationship where we are very much on the same page. I am loving the experience! I feel I am just on the edge of making breakthrough progress and she is able to push me into action, which is what I needed." Steve G

"I first met Vita on an angel site and was immediately attracted to her energy and to her approach. I arranged for a call earlier this month, and we had a follow up call the next week.

I had always been confused in the areas of intention and of joy. I've had traumas in my life which have led to a lot of mistrust of religion and spirituality. Vita was so gentle, and explained things in a way that I could understand, while honouring my issues. I immediately felt that I could trust her. She has a beautiful, instinctive insight and seemed to know exactly what I needed to hear. She gave me concrete actions to take in order to make soulful intentions and to bring joy into my life. I am very grateful for her advice and it's made a difference already." YC

Choose Happy NOW - embrace the inner
happiness in YOU

“6 Quick & Simple Ways to Cope with Overwhelm – From FUNK to FUNCTION”